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Welcome to the Virtual Gallery Theme Announcement Page

This is where each month you will find (see below) the clearly stated and precisely defined theme for the next month's Virtual Gallery

For the October Virtual Gallery

The October Virtual Gallery informative information.


WARNING: The sturgeon general has determined the material contained hereafter is not appropriate for adults who do not act like children.


Mellifluous mental meanderings melding into punctilious pronouncements - Yet another prolix pleonastic pontifical pompatic pro(not amateur)nouncement


James Taylor melodically hypothesized that the secret to life is enjoying the passage of time.  I am here to help you with that.  The October Virtual Gallery will feature the art of those members participating in the 20th Annual Studio Tour.  That being so, you can unburden your mind as to choosing art for the Virtual Gallery October exhibit since that art has already been submitted and relax, enjoyingly pass the time until the November Virtual Gallery announcement slaps you back to a reality of having to choose exhibit candidates and explain to the rest why they were not chosen.


So throw the Sicherman dice and see what Fortuna, formerly Tyche of Greece, brings for the temporal span of listening to time swoosh by.  With every tick of the clock the world is a different place.  The only constant if life is change.  Even Joni dismissed the guy who said she was as constant as a northern star.  Enjoy the passage of time and have your art nudge the planet toward a better place.


Thank you all,  



FYI:  I have learned from the mistakes of people who have taken my advice.

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