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Welcome to the Virtual Gallery Theme Announcement Page

This is where each month you will find (see below) the clearly stated and precisely defined theme for the next month's Virtual Gallery

For the March 2024 Virtual Gallery

"Ephemeral Echoes: A March to Remember"


The "Ephemeral Echoes'' exhibit, an avant-garde tableau that transcends the mundane confines of conventional artistic discourse, reconnoiters the transient nature of experiential existence and the profound impact of moments that linger in our memories, just like earworms but different. With works of art conjured from the mise-en-scène of March 2024, this theme revolves around the delicate balance between fleeting moments and everlasting impressions, like earworms, you hear it once and you can’t unhear it.


March, the month not the foot thing, serves as a transitional period, encapsulating the ethereal dance betwixt winter's melancholy and spring's resplendent rebirth. It’s the time when we all do that little happy dance while putting away the long underwear and crawl out of our winter cocoon.  This exhibit will display captures of the essence of this climatological change through various media, showcasing the  emergence of new life, and the remnants of the cold season while reflecting on the beauty of transition and the cyclical nature of life and delving into the concept of time, inviting viewers to contemplate the past, present, and future as one. Through paintings, sculptures, and multimedia installations, the exhibit will explore the passage of time, memory, and the echoes of moments that define our personal narratives.


March is a month filled with cultural celebrations, from International Women's Day to St. Patrick's Day, the combination of these gave women the right to drink beer in public. This exhibit honors these events, exploring themes of diversity, empowerment, shared heritage, and the right to drink beer in public. 


The splendiferous spectacle that will be "Ephemeral Echoes: A March to Remember" will create an emotionally resonant and thought-provoking experience of such magniloquent magnitude that even the most erudite minds shall find themselves frolicking in the labyrinths of ephemeral aesthetics. Nestled within the tapestry of March 2024, this ostentatious assemblage invites connoisseurs and mere mortals alike to bask in the precarious periphery of transitory existence, celebrating the beauty found in the moments that shape our lives.  "Ephemeral Echoes: A March to Remember" beckons the cognoscenti to surrender themselves to the transient allure of artistic enchantment. It is not merely an exhibit; it is an invitation to partake in the temporal ballet, where moments pirouette into memories, and remembrance becomes an art form in its own right, eliciting chuckles from the droll and witticisms from the sagacious, offering a resplendent romp through the capricious corridors of temporality. Tarry not, dear artists, for a plethora of mirth awaits those who dare to revel in the ephemeral absurdity of our shared existence all orchestrated to the music of your personal earworms.


Traverse the landscape of phenomenological whimsy to participate in the March Virtual Gallery exhibit.


The deadline for submitting images for the March “Ephemeral Echoes: A March to Remember” exhibit is March 1st, Friday, at midnight.  When you are preparing your images for submission, please remember these few but important to me points: 


1.     Images should be 750 pixels on the longest side and in jpg format at the highest quality setting.  By way of example, that would be 10.4 inches at 72 pixels per inch or 2.5 inches at 300 pixels per inch.  For MAC users, when you send the images, check the box in the upper right corner and make sure Image Size: is set to Actual Size .  You can always contact me for help.


2.     You may submit up to 5 images. 


3.   For each image, please include some or all of the following documentation: 

a.   Artist’s name as you would like it to appear, 

b.   Title of artwork, 

c.   Media, 

d.   Size, 

e.   Date created/completed, 

f.    Optional comment about the artwork, artist and/or inspiration for work (only a sentence or two please). 

g.   Your website address, should you choose to share it with the world


Please send your images and information to


Thank you all for your support of the Virtual Gallery,




Ninety years ago, Betty Boop was revealed to be a redhead.  It’s true.  Who knew? (see Poor Cinderella, 1934, the only full color Betty Boop cartoon).

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