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Dee Leggett

Photography, Jewelry

Nature inspires me to create beautiful VENETIAN GLASS JEWELRY and NATURE PHOTOGRAPHY. I have been photographing nature and have been a part of Great Falls Studios for over 15 years. My photos capture stunning Butterflies, Flowers, Sunsets, National Parks, interesting Patterns and Shapes in Nature, and many Beautiful Scenes right here in Great Falls. My Photos are available for wall art, greeting cards, and combined with quotations in my “Visions of . . . “ series of books, including Visions of Great Falls, Visions of Joy, and Visions of Friendship. I began jewelry make after taking a class by one of the GFS members. Just a few years ago I discovered Venetian Glass beads. I have had so much fun finding a wide variety of gorgeous colors, shapes, and sizes of Venetian Glass and designing my earring and necklace wearable art. I love it when I see my friends wearing my creations and telling me about the complements they have received.


3:00 - I will demonstrate jewelry-making techniques


3:00 - I will demonstrate jewelry-making techniques


3:00 - I will share some of my favorite places around the area for photographing nature.

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