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Naz Akbar


Naz is mostly self -taught, painting primarily in oils. She is influenced by Ismail Gulgee, Natasha Mokina and Victor Pakhomin. Her paintings focus on traditional Still Life and are inspired by her love for classical realism of the 'Old Dutch' style. Naz keeps evolving by using vibrant colors and exotic, textured fabrics, adding different shapes to get the effect she is trying to capture. Her still life paintings are intensely personal and the objects include copper, silver, pewter, Asian fruits and vegetables, and Moroccan and Turkish pottery.

Naz loves including glass, English leather or Burmese beggar bowls in her paintings. She also paints portraits, landscapes and has recently started painting animals, especially birds and crabs which have become very popular. Her work has been exhibited in the US and abroad. Naz lives in Great Falls with her husband and two Burmese cats. She has three beautiful daughters, a wonderful son-in-law and two super grandchildren who occupy her time when she is not painting.

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