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Jonathan Fisher

Wood Sculpture

I build three-dimensional wall hangings, free-standing sculptures and other constructions made of painted wood. Most are abstract, textured and brightly colored. They range in size from 8 inches across to 10 feet high and are suitable both for corporate environments and as colorful counterpoints in home décor. 

My intent was to develop a unique niche not occupied by other artists. In doing so, I looked to the past for inspiration, particularly to geometric abstraction, Cubist deconstruction, Russian constructivism, Mondrian’s neo-plasticism, and abstract expressionism, all of which appeal to me. I am also inspired by repetitive patterns I observe in the built environment and in nature—forms that I find soothing and compelling in their simplicity. 

My works often start with wood strips, which are essentially lines. I put these linear pieces together to produce textures and recurring shapes. To draw attention to the resulting patterns, I use a simple color palette. The result is two-fold: detail that is architectural or geometric, but also an overall bold statement that can be powerfully graphic. 

I also take satisfaction in the construction process itself. Saws yes. Computers no. The individual pieces in each construction are hand-painted and screwed together (some works have more than 500 separate painted wood pieces and more than 2,000 screws). I believe the building process itself contributes to the tactile sense of the finished creation and leads to simple, striking design.

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