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Jinny Beyer

Fiber Artist

I began my first quilt while living in India in the early 1970’s. It was made with richly colored, hand-printed Indian textiles -- so very different from the look of quilts just beginning to be made again in America.


When I returned home and began using American fabric, I was frustrated at not being able to find fabrics I liked. By 1981, I had designed my first line of fabrics  . . . and I have been designing fabric collections specifically for quilters ever since.

I could never have guessed how profoundly those early experiences in the Far East would change my life. Quilting began as a hobby for me but has given rise to a full-time profession.


In addition to making personal quilts, which are all done by hand, I write books, teach classes and design quilts for each of my fabric collections. In 2000, I opened a retail store in Great Falls which showcases my fabrics, quilts, books and patterns.  
My philosophy has always been to follow your heart and things will happen: Go through the door that beckons, not the one that seems safe.

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