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Donna L. Robinson

Oil Painter

Donna Robinson Fine Art

     In the last fifteen years I turned my creative energies back to my love for fine art in the area of oil painting, studying under well-known local portrait artist Mary Reilly and several celebrated and renowned local artists such as Robert Johnson, Jonathan Linton, Sarah Linda Poly, Michael Davis, Kurt Schwarz, Trisha Adams, Maggie Siner, David Cheifitz and Casey Childs.  My art varies from crisp realism to a soft impressionistic style. More recently I have been exploring abstracted works. My creative efforts have received several best in show awards and first, second and third places. Several of my works hang in both private and corporate venues. My love for the arts became evident at the age of four with a passion for theater, dance, singing and fine art. Pursuing a career in liturgical fabric design and fine art I successfully created and displayed my work in over 15 states in the USA. For five consecutive years, I traveled at the invitation of the Israeli government to participate in Jerusalem at the Feast of Tabernacles celebrations. My creations have been on exhibition in the coliseum in Italy, in Washington, DC at the Capitol, the Russell Senate Office Building Rotunda and the Patriot Center at George Mason University. Creativity is a magnificent gift from God. I was created to create! Painting takes me down a marvelous path of adventure and discovery. Beauty inspires me. From the simple to the complex I do my best to reveal what I see and share that with my world.

"Poplars on the Ridge"


"Fresh Pears"


"Spring Display"

"That's a lot of Crocks!"

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