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Alicia Loudis Sommers


My paintings convey my love of color, texture and movement.  They range in style from impression to abstract expression.  I create acrylic paintings on canvas and paper that explore my visual and emotional reaction to my surroundings.  I hope each viewer enjoys using their imagination to interact with each painting and receives pleasure in doing so.


For me, painting is about exploring and learning by using a world of limitless color, transformation and imagination.  After working in most of the traditional art forms and mediums, I find abstract and impressionist painting offers me great freedom, continuing excitement and exceptionally rewarding outcomes.  I enjoy combining an endless array of color, motion, form and texture to create new expressions of the life I am fortunate to be living.  Abstract art is an invigorating formula for never ending learning and growth.

A Sommers Too Late to Tango  Acrylic on

Too Late to Tangle

48” h x 36” w

A Sommers Ebb Tide at Stonington, 36hx48

Ebb Tide at Stonington

36 h x 48” w

A Sommers May 18 2015 Twilight Sail 40x3

Twilight Sail

40” h x 30” w

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