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Walt Lawrence


Great Falls My Home My Canvas is the story of Walt’s background and how he chose to concentrate his photographic endeavors upon the area of Great Falls and the Potomac.

While I have used cameras for many years, and have taken a couple of classes in Black and White Photography I have not had any formal art education, thus I really do not consider myself an “artist” but rather a guy with a camera.  So this “Artist Statement” I believe, is more about why I photograph in Great Falls.

I have been fortunate to have lived in Europe, Africa and on both coasts of the US but it is here where I landed in 1971 and began to develop an attachment to the area.  During this time I have seen incredible changes as the rural character of the area morphed into a bedroom suburb of Washington.   

Upon retiring I decided to capture as much of the character of the area with my camera by developing a large collection of images of the local landscape, landmarks and wildlife.  I go out in the early morning and watch the sun come up, listen to the sounds of birds or the flow of water and try to capture the moment.  Even though I return to the same places many times over in different seasons of the year and at different times of day the scene is always different.  The light is different, the shadows are different, or the colors are different.  I call this collection “Images of Great Falls” which is a constant work in progress and I expect that it will only be finished when I am laid to rest.

Maple Fire

Colvin Run Mill

Falls at Sunrise

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