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Tom Tucker

Painting, Mixed Media

Tom is a lifelong watercolor landscape painter who was self taught until he retired from corporate life. He was curious about oil painting and found great instructors at The Arts of Great Falls. He started painting more realistic landscapes from photographs he has accumulated over his many travels and en plien air. He always admired the impressionists and was influenced by a contemporary impressionist based on the west coast. He made several adjustments to his style, utilizing larger canvases, bold colors and loose brush strokes to create his current paintings. The result is a vibrant and striking presentation of his take on various landscape elements. ​ The home studio will be open Saturday and Sunday with many older and newer oil paintings on display as well as a working painting. There will be live demonstrations on both days where Tom will describe his techniques and work on a piece in progress. Yes, you might have an opportunity to place a few brush strokes on the canvas yourself! ​ A working garage studio, for a new artist.


I will start a large landscape painting that will be open for all visitors to pick up a brush and add some painting strokes of their own on. In 2022, I was excited to see over 20 visitors pick up the brush. No risk for you and your friends and family to pitch in, The younger ones really enjoyed this.

Tom Tucker Studio
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