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Sylvanna VanderPark


In 2006, I was newly transplanted in New York City for work. I missed my dog Wolfgang very much so decided to pick up some art supplies and tried to capture him on canvas using some left over gouache that I had. It was just a little canvas, but I enjoyed the freedom it gave me to play with colour placement and the challenge to “get” the subject. From there I continued to play with colour placement and recreation of my beloved dogs back at home, Wolfgang and Luke, the latter belonging to my parents. Over time I got involved with a dog rescue group and offered a custom painting during one of their fundraisers, and I became a pet portrait artist. Painting from a picture, I loved contemplating the dog, getting to know him or her, the surroundings in the picture, and bringing the animal to life. My interest is in life and bringing out a personality. I am now taking figure drawing classes to learn how to bring a person to life on paper. I’m hoping to be able to capture owners and their pets be they dogs, cats, horses… Largely self-taught, I simply enjoy painting, working through set-backs and achieving the end goal. I now mostly work with my daughter and as a result, my personal practice has slowed down but I’m still finding creative satisfaction in working with children and in creating an environment for others to learn.


I would like to invite visitors to come and sit down and draw or paint at their own easel from a still life that I will set up. 10am-12pm, 2-4pm Friday and Saturday. No judgement, just freedom to contemplate and paint what they see. Supplies provided unless you want to bring your own. 5 seats available at a time. All ages are welcome including babies and parent. Children must be accompanied by a parent.

SV Studio at Wolfgang and Luke
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