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Ronni Jolles

Layered Paper Artwork

Ronni Jolles has created a unique process and art form that has been both expanded and refined over time. First, hundreds of kinds of paper are gathered from all over the world. The paper is cut, torn, and layered to create uniquely textured scenes. Acrylic paints and sealants are then used on top of each layer of paper to add more variation in color and to bring out textures. The works are protected with layers of varnish, to ensure the works are archival and totally protected from light and dust. All of Ronni’s work has a three-dimensional quality to it, due to the textures of the papers and the way in which the paper is glued down to the stretched canvas. It is truly impossible to describe – you must see it in person! Ronni Jolles graduated from Cornell University with a degree in art and psychology and she continued her artistic training at the Corcoran School of Art and Boston Museum of Fine Arts. Ronni was an art educator for 18 years before she became a full-time professional artist in the year 2000. Ronni’s resume lists many solo shows in galleries and art spaces throughout the United States, and Ronni has been has received numerous awards for her innovative art form.


Throughout the day, the artist, Ronni Jolles, will be demonstrating and explaining this fascinating art form, as well as showing her latest experimentation with paper and wood.

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