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Jenny Nichols Glennon

Printmaking, Ink, Watercolor

Jenny is an ink & watercolor and print artist focused on wildlife conservation. The scale of conservation issues can often be overwhelming. However, through art we are reminded that our connection to the natural world starts on an emotional level. It is an entry point to talk about the ways we can both be a part of the natural world that surrounds us, and be stewards of it. 5% of sales go to conservation organizations. All of which I have had the pleasure to work with through my other passion, and day job, filmmaking. The paper I print on is 100% post consumer waste, envelopes are recycled and inks used for printing are plant based inks. My studio is wherever I am, which is currently Great Falls VA at Hidden Springs Farm. This year I will be on the first floor of Orchard House, at Hidden Springs Farm. Orchard House is the house above my mother Laura Nichols’ studio, Pig Pen Pottery. There are stairs that connect the first floor to Pig Pen Pottery that we will open for easy access or the main entryway is down the brick walkway.

Milk House Studio
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