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Jan Heginbotham

Painting, Sculpture

Visit artist Jan Heginbotham at her recently custom-built studio, featuring oil paintings, AND bronze and plaster sculptures. Latest paintings often incorporate sculptures as subjects. Jan has worked as a classically trained, award-winning sculptor for 35+ years and expanded her repertoire to include painting 9 years ago. Her work straddles the line between realism and abstraction, and includes elements that are human, animal, even architectural, such as a series referred to as Householders. Jan is influenced by diverse cultures and sources including Cycladic Greek and African carvings, Modern Art, music, dance, yoga, and nature, synthesized into an abstract personal style. After studying sculpture at University of MD, she became the protege of Boris Blai (a student of Auguste Rodin), then earned an MFA in Sculpture at American University. More recently she’s studied with painters Ann Schlesinger, Walt Bartman and other respected area artists. Jan has shown extensively in galleries, juried shows and museums nationally. She has taught in a range of settings, including at universities. Her sculptures are in public and private collections, and lately her paintings have also been sought after by collectors. Jan has a studio that readily welcomes visitors. She looks forward to meeting you or seeing you again!

Heginbotham Studio
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