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Elizabeth Bertholon


A child of military, NATO and education focused parents, language and different cultures attracted my attention from a young age. My mother also quickly taught me how to paint, to sew and to garden. At 20, I lived in Aix-en-Provence, France and immersed myself in the language, culture and people. At 27, I married a French Chef and my mother declared after 3 days of parties that I'd "found my people." For a time I taught French and painted in and around our DC & McLean, VA homes. After our two fabulous daughters spread their wings, we sold our home and traveled the world even more. Then covid hit and as everyone I reinvented myself, had time to paint prolifically and friends started asking me to post and also to purchase my work. The rest is still unwritten but I find great joy in being creative and gratitude when that translates into something others love too.


10:00-2:00 - I'll be painting at various times - visitors leaving contact info and following me in social media will be raffled for my painting at the end of the weekend

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