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Eleanor Anderson


For a number of years I have been studying the art of making pottery under the steady, patient and inspiring guidance of Laura Nichols, in her studio at Hidden Springs. It is there that I create the different shapes of pieces that serve as my "canvasses" for painting the wonderful creatures of nature I enjoy watching in my garden and small pond. The birds and butterflies I see during my walks in the meadow at Riverbend Park or along the Potomac River trail there also offer inspiration as subjects for representation on a vase, plate or bowl. I find creating clay pieces -- thrown or from rolled out clay --and the challenge of capturing nature's beauty in painting on them, immensely satisfying activities. For me, they are also very time consuming. The more detailed and complicated the painting, the longer it takes which explains why I do not make many pieces. In order to paint on the pieces, I bring them from the Pigpen Pottery studio to my home. I do not have a sudio as such but just a separate table and small area where I store brushes and underglazes that I use for painting. Depending on what effect I want to achieve, I paint on bisqued clay before it has any glaze; or on pieces that have been dipped in a basic white glaze. For Studio Tour, I exhibit my work at Lambert Hall behind Smith's Chapel. Such is the nature of my endeavor as a ceramist. Pretty Simple.

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