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Aleena Dhar

Mixed Media, Jewelry, Apparel

My fluid art form is characterized by its unique and creative utilization of various tools and techniques. Palette knives, funnels, hair dryers, straws, turntables, balloons, plastic sheets, and more are employed to achieve a diverse range of effects on canvas or board. To bring these effects to life, I utilize a variety of mediums such as acrylic paints, untainted house paints, wall paints, mica, silicon, Floetrol, water, and others. Each technique in fluid art is accompanied by a specific recipe, ensuring that it can be replicated consistently. To aid in this process, I maintain a recipe book of my artwork. This invaluable resource allows me to recreate fluid art using specific techniques, as the art form itself is challenging and constantly evolving through my ongoing experiments. Some of the techniques I employ in fluid art include Dirty Pour, Dutch Pour, Flip Cup, Ring pour/Swirl pour, Swipe technique, Feather technique, Balloon technique, Shelee Art Dutch Pour, and more. Each technique possesses its own distinct requirements in terms of tools and the ideal consistency of the mixture needed to achieve the desired result.


Showcase Jewelry, Apparel and Accessories based on my artwork/inspiration

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