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Stacie Loftus



I caught the pottery bug when I was in school and studied wheel thrown and hand-built ceramics at the Irvine Fine Arts Center in California. Over the years I continued practicing intermittently in various workshops in Maryland and Virginia before setting up my home studio and pursuing pottery in earnest.

My work includes both functional and decorative pottery, both of which allow me to explore my fascination with shape and color. I enjoy the greater freedom that non-functional work allows me to work with alternative forms and finishes, particularly various Raku techniques. At the same time, I find it very rewarding to create functional pieces that people connect with. I love seeing the personal relationship people who use my functional ware form with a piece whose shape, texture and glaze is uniquely theirs.


I continue to be drawn to the entire process of making pottery, finding it to be an amazing combination of intention and happy accidents.

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horsehair vase.jpg
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