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Silvia Gonzalez Roman


For as long as I can remember, a camera has been my loyal companion.  It began with a desire to capture the moment - to document my family’s life and our travels. My focus shifted as I began to explore, experiment and study the art of photography.  I began to see the world through a new set of eyes.  Creating photographs became a way to make a connection with my subject.  I learned that the resulting image captures more than just the subject of my canvas.  Each photograph reveals my awareness  and thoughts at the moment the shutter is released.


Photography is a spiritual practice for me - - a form of meditation.  No matter where I happen to be, whether it is a peaceful landscape, a busy downtown area or an intimate portrait setting, I become one with my subject through the lens of my camera.


These moments of union, truly being present in the moment, fill me with a sense of abiding awe and peace.  Time ceases to exist as I lose myself in the details of the scene and the splendor of the light.  This sense of oneness, presence, and stillness is no less important to me than the tangible outcome - - the captured image.  This “moment of creation” is what sustains and enriches my soul.


I invite you to enter the world of my photographs and experience the moment of creation with me.

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