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Safoura Haghighi

Gouche and Water Color

 Safoura Haghighi is a fifth generation artist who maintains the traditional essentials of the Safavid Persian miniature style while incorporating Western influence through her residence in the United States. Over the years she has sought refinement and enlightenment through her expansive education in a variety of fields. The unique blend of traditional family secrets passed down through generations combined with her rich cultural experiences enable her to express herself with craftsmanship and passion. Her paintings not only incorporate the mundane daily life, but also bring intangible elements of poetry and spirituality to make each of her pieces a vivid multidimensional experience. The two-dimensional characteristic embodied in Safavid art is an expression of a divine and heavenly repentance from materialism.

1 gol-morgh.jpg
2 Birds.jpg
3 Haghighi01_72.jpg
4 223.jpg
5 Hashighi01.jpg
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