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Robin Smith


At Hidden Forest Studios, I work in functional stoneware pottery. I'm a part-time potter, but pottery allows me the freedom to explore my creative side. I'm inspired by textiles and fabrics and like to incorporate patterns and textures into pieces. I have some old lace doilies from my grandmother that I often use to create texture on clay. I like seeing what happens with glaze when it breaks of the ridges and lines of an interesting pattern. My current obsession is contrasting unglazed clay with glazed clay. It creates a different perspective to a piece and can draw out or highlight the unique shape or a particular texture of a piece. I'm also inspired by shape. I like to take a thrown bowl and see how it can be changed into different shapes- ovals, squares and rectangles. I make my art to be enjoyed in every day life. I make pieces that are functional and useable. Pottery should bring you joy when you eat off a plate or serve from a platter. Life is too short not to have a perfect piece of pottery every day! At my studio, I will have lots examples of the tools I use to create pattern and texture on clay. You can see how a pattern shows up on clay and see finished products. Who knows what interesting mistakes, adventures and stories you might see at my studio!

Saturday - your chance to practice throwing on the wheel. Friday and Sunday- demonstrations as time permits.  Raffle drawing on Sunday at 4pm.

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