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Roberta Beasley



Roberta Pruett Beasley is a local mixed media and acrylic painter. After finishing her BFA she returned to Virginia and spent many years as an artist at the Arlington Arts Center. She joined the Great Falls Artists' Atelier, and Great Falls Studios around 2011, after moving to the Tyson's area. Her paintings and mixed media work often combine layers of paint with layers of paper, creating intriguing colors and textures.

Roberta Beasley will be working on mixed media pieces all three days of Studio Tour. She starts with toning the canvas, then adds layers of paint for her sky, followed by layers of paper and paint to create the landscape.

The Artists' Atelier is unique in that it offers nine different artists with different styles of work, and mediums, all under one roof. So, there will be various demonstrations going on all throughout the three days.

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