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Richard Mansaniello


Working as a Silversmith has been a lifelong passion for me. Being able to design and create sculptural forms of wearable jewelry entirely by hand and in my own unique style, is a very satisfying art form for me.


I learned to design and hand-fabricate Sterling Silver jewelry as a young boy helping my father in his workshop; he had been instructed in the techniques and methods used and popularized during the Arts and Crafts Movement.  I continued to learn from him throughout his long career as a silversmith and as he became a recognized and prolific Mid-Century Modern jewelry designer. Growing up in his New York City studio, I developed a distinctive design style of my own, integrating contemporary modern and classic designs and hand crafting each piece as a unique creation, avoiding commercial jewelry casting methods so common today.


In my work, I strive to achieve originality in design and assure inherent artistic appeal by using classical artisan methods.  I believe my styles transcend contemporary trends and fads which are prone to obsolescence.


My jewelry is a mix of sterling silver sheet and drawn wire and incorporates select cut or baroque gemstones. The jewelry pieces I craft are limited in number, are studiously fabricated in my workshop, and capture graceful and romantic reflections of the Italian heritage. At other times, my designs shift to display the bolder form and lines of contemporary Modern American Style.  Throughout, the emphasis is always on creating pieces of character, style, and enduring beauty.


I accept custom orders for special and one-of-a-kind designs.

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