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Parinaz Ziai Bahadori


Parinaz Ziai Bahadori has been a practicing architect and painter for many years. Her love of painting and calligraphy began at a young age. She majored in Art History and History at Brown University and went on to receive her Masters in Architecture at the Columbia University Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation in 1989. She taught Design Studio and Graphics at the Architecture Departments of Washington University in St. Louis and at the Catholic University in Washington, DC. She has worked for award winning architectural firms in New York, St. Louis and Washington and received her license in architecture in 1993. Parinaz set up her own practice in 1998 under the name Zi/Ba Designs. She enjoys painting as a complement to the practice of architecture and has been fortunate to have studied painting with several prominent local and national painters. She has exhibited her work at the St. Louis Design Center and the McLean Community Center. Parinaz is interested in both abstract and figurative painting. Her passion for calligraphy, color, light and space has informed her art.

Solh beh az Jang (Peace is better than War).jpg

Solh Beh az Jang (Peace is Better than War)

30” x 40”

All Patched Up.jpg
Een Neez Bogzarad (This Too Shall Pass).jpg

Een Neez Bogzarad (This Too Shall Pass)

Acrylic on Canvas

24" x 24"

All Patched Up

Acrylic on Canvas

36” x 48"

So Near and Yet So Far Away.jpg

So Near and Yet So Far Away

Acrylic and Multimedia on Wood Panel

16" x 20"

From Far Away.jpg

 From Far Away

Mixed Media Collage on Paper

5" x 7"

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