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Mary Jane Cogan

Painter, Fiber Artist, Jewelry

In four simple words, I love being creative!  And I loved this since I was a youngster. I remember being excited about getting a fresh box of crayons; and playing with colors continues to fascinate me, no matter what medium I am working in.   Although I have never been a full-time artist, I’ve taken classes in almost every creative endeavor, from needlework to interior design.  I’ve found that by taking a class in one area, I frequently get an idea I can use in another application.

My creative drive has resulted in some wonderful experiences, from meeting a First Lady at the White House to my stitchery being part of a holiday display at the Smithsonian Museum.  More importantly, though, it has enriched my life on a daily basis. If a day is extremely busy, and other responsibilities are calling, I still try to paint a few strokes, or stitch a few stitches.  That makes my day complete.

In 2015 I achieved a life-long goal of writing and illustrating a children's book.  The cover displays two loves of my life - piano-playing and cats.  Inside is a collection of limericks, watercolor images, and amusing cats.  I hope cat lovers of all ages will enjoy it.

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