Lochini Johnston


Through the balance of nature and creativity comes beauty…..


I was born in Sri Lanka, a beautiful Island also known as Ceylon. Art has been a great passion, a hobby, and a way of relaxation for me since my childhood.


I started studying art as a child and have had the opportunity to paint with many prominent and accomplished artists throughout my life.


As a member of Great Falls Studios and the Arts Council of Fairfax County, I have been exposed to many great opportunities to pursue my dream.


I love painting faraway places and discovering and experiencing something unique, something new that gets me intoxicated with the desire to paint. As I travel to different places around the world and seeing these hidden treasures and beauty, painting becomes quite an adventure.


I enjoy teaching art to young students at summer camps and giving private lessons. I also paint on commission and participate in several exhibitions throughout the year.


When my fans and guests visit my studio “Travelers Art” it is quite an enjoyable time for me because I love discussing art and sharing my most recent work.

Moon River

Jason at Great Falls Park

Bougainvillea in Croatia