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Linda Jones



I will be demonstrating traditional watercolor painting and my layered mixed media techniques using watercolor, layered paper, acrylics and oil pastels, to create depth and increase texture. I will discuss composition, choice of brushes, color mixing, my favorite colors on my palette, and choosing frames for my finished artwork. Framed original watercolors, mixed media paintings and a few fabric artworks will be displayed on the walls of my teaching studio, many reflecting my love of nature and color. These include local landscapes and panoramas of the Chesapeake and travels further afield, trees, flowers, birds and bugs, ranging in size from small studies to larger compositions. Unframed matted paintings, original and printed art cards, holiday ornaments and gifts will also be available.

Watercolor and mixed media demonstrations will take place on all three days of the tour.

I also work with fabric and yarn, creating holiday ornaments and original holiday and art cards. New this year are handmade knitted and crocheted bird skiittles.

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