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Linda Jones

Painter, Watercolor

My work reflects an intimate relationship with nature, whether it is a landscape or an individual element such as a flower, insect, bird or tree. Many of my pictures depict nature in close proximity, from varying viewpoints such as a bee on a flower or looking up at the sky through leaves and branches.


I like to paint what I call ‘intimate landscapes’. Working in a variety of media: watercolor, acrylics, pastels and mixed media, my style tends towards realism, portraying impressions of my perception. I like layering sequential washes and glazes on paper and canvas to create the subtle colors, textures and modeling of the subject, capturing the beauty of natural light with subtle and vibrant colors.


Art has always been an interest in my life and I have often relaxed with a sketchbook. Living in wooded northern Virginia near the Great Falls National Park on the Potomac between the Blue Ridge and Chesapeake Bay, gives me a wonderful environment in which to paint. I never travel anywhere without my paints and camera.


Now teaching watercolor in small groups and individual classes, I enjoy sharing my love of painting with my students, and aim to dispel the fear that watercolor is an unforgiving medium. I undertake commissions in watercolor, acrylic and mixed media on paper and canvas, and create both original and printed note and greeting cards.



16" x 8"

"Morning Dew"

Acrylic on Canvas

"San Marino Poppies"


15" x 15"

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