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Layla Gray


Ever since I can remember, art has always been my passion.  Painting, in particular, gives me a sense of beautiful energy and free movement. It allows me to express myself visually and emotionally.  My style is varied, ranging from realistic impressionist to abstract painter, and more recently, portraits.   My favorite media is oil, and the delicate brush strokes are soothing to the soul.  Oil painting allows me to create luminous effects on my subjects, and I am able to highlight and cast shadows as I see them, in order to best interpret the art with radiance and glimmering freshness.


During my high school and college years, I studied the Old Masters, mainly Europeans prior to 1800s, and I studied a great deal of impressionist techniques.  My art is also influenced by French culture, having lived most of my childhood in and around it.   Architecture, both historical and modern, as well as Parisian scenes have always intrigued me. Using my brushes, one of my favorite subjects is to depict Parisian life, illustrating historical buildings and monuments, people strolling along streets and sitting in sidewalk cafes.  More recently, I have enjoyed turning my treasured photographs of my travels into veritable works of art.


As an art instructor, I have a special affinity with children and love to awaken the little artist in them.  I teach art at my studio, the Art Studio on the Green and Gallery, located at 776 B Walker Road in Great Falls, Virginia.

Floating Shapes


Mountain Climbing in Arizona


Boats in Etretat


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