Jill Banks


My oil paintings explore and celebrate the world I know. Live it with me. Enjoy stumbling upon the unexpected beauty of a fruit grocer lighting up a gray, rainy street or the comfort of coffee, croissant and comics on a lazy Sunday morning. Feel the heat of sunshine hitting the urban street and hear the rhythm of its inhabitants. Watch friends as they catch up on their days in a café.  Drink in the surroundings.


I paint with my head and my heart.


People fascinate me and as difficult as it is to choose, they are my favorite painting subjects. My portraiture has won many awards regionally and nationally … but much more importantly … my portraits really touch people’s lives in a profound way. You can’t ask for more than that.


I teach classes and workshops.  It’s another joy to spread the passion for art and art-making around through teaching.


See my web site for more information on classes, works available, commissions, regular studio hours, events, and more.  Send me an email to get on my mailing list for special events.


And if you really want the latest scoop on my life as an artist, click here to read my blog.


Oil on Linen

36 x 24"

"Navy Boat"


12 x 24"

"Lunch with Emma at Five Months"

Oil on Linen Panel

8 x 8"

"Daily Special"


24 x 18"

"Spanish Dancer"


36 x 36"

"Scene at the Bar"

Oil on Linen Panel

24 x 18"