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Jennifer Duncan



This year I have been painting abstract landscapes that include shapes derived from the cement sculptures of Uruguayan artist, Gonzalo Fonseca. In 1965, Fonseca was hired to create a number of public art sculptures around the original Plaza at Lake Anne in Reston, Virginia, where I now live. My paintings explore these geometric play environments using muted colors and chromatic grays to signify the brick and concrete “brutalist” feel of the architectural configurations in the landscape. Using the universal symbols sculpted by Fonseca (including the sun, moon, a boat and stairways/ladders), I infused more prismatic color to signify the imagination of the children who are found joyfully playing in these spaces. I will, of course, also have a variety of new landscapes and collage pieces to share with you.

Daily demonstrations of how I make unique, landscape inspired accordion sketch-books.

I continue to be a member of the Artists' Atelier, which is a working studio/gallery for nine artists. Several of us are founding members, sharing our art practice and space since 2006.

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