Jennifer Duncan


Using predominantly water-based media, I create abstract expressionist paintings that reflect my observations of the environment around me.  I choose specific moments of observation, often beginning my ideas with a sketch or photo, that focus on the up-close, tiny details in nature or the larger landscape.  I am drawn to repetitive patterns and surface texture in my work.  Those created by simplifying landscapes into geometric shapes of the water and land, and more amorphous organic shapes of flora and fauna.  I approach each painting with spontaneity and the conscious objective of opening myself up to the unexpected.  The painting grows naturally through a process of mark making and painting, layering bright swaths of color and gestural drawing, adding and eliminating.  The back and forth nature of my process helps with the formation of an interesting and complex painting.

Stand Still 1.jpg

Stand Still

Moon over Modern 1.jpg

Moon over Modern

Water Lilies 1.jpg

Water Lilies

Necessary Distraction 1.jpg

Necessary Distraction