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Jan Heginbotham



Visit artist Jan Heginbotham at her recently custom-built studio, in a show featuring oil and gouache paintings, AND bronze and plaster sculptures. Jan has worked as a classically trained, award-winning sculptor for 30+ years and expanded her repertoire to include painting 8 years ago. Her work straddles the line between realism and abstraction, and includes elements that are human, animal, even architectural; such as a series referred to as Householders. Jan is influenced by diverse cultures and sources including Cycladic Greek carvings, African Art, Modern Art, music, dance, yoga, and nature, synthesized into an abstract personal style.

Saturday and Sunday she will be showing her art in her own studio, answering questions and talking about the work and her long history as an artist.

The Studio was custom designed and built especially for Jan, fortunately finished shortly before the pandemic began. It's a separate building with great North lighting and views into the backyard. Jan has had many studios before, including both small bedrooms as well as spacious and excellent places we've created at other homes. This one is her favorite.

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