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 Irrum Merrill




Phone: (703) 962- 0757


IG: @irrum.merrill.pearls


Introduction - Irrum Merrill Pearls


Contemporary art Jeweler Irrum Merrill creates exquisite wearable art using precious metals, colored gemstones, and genuine South-Sea pearls. Her collection consists of the finest South-Sea pearls from across the Pacific, sourced directly from the world’s most sought-after pearl farms, from the Polynesian Islands to Australia and Indonesia.


After she majored in Fashion Design and Business from California, her path crossed with the world of metalsmithing when she incorporated metal components into costumes she was creating for an exhibit.


She immediately fell in love with the beauty and idea of creating art from precious metal and gemstone.  After moving to Virginia she joined several Art and Jewelry schools to attain higher knowledge and skills in jewelry making and stone setting. 


Irrum’s collection is handcrafted in her studio in Virginia. She derives inspiration from her house in the woods and the beauty of the nature surrounding it. But her husband, David, remains the biggest muse for all her creative endeavors.


Visit the collection-

Banded Agate and Bali Silver set.jpg
Honeycomb earrings wh silver pearl & ruby.jpg
Golden Pearl Choker.jpg
Black & white Enamel earrings.jpg
Baroque Pearl Earrings wh Amethyst.jpg
Ivory Enamel earrings in rose gold plated.jpg
Pearl on acorn earring .jpg
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