Irrum Merrill


I.Merrill represents the finest South-Sea pearls from across the Pacific, partnering directly with the world’s most sought after pearl farms, from the Polynesian islands to Australia, Indonesia and Japan.


Irrum’s gift in creating exquisite one of a kind jewellery that brings East to meet West, using genuine South-Sea pearls and semi-precious stones, makes I.Merrill the irresistible trend in the world of jewellery.


Her love affair with pearls and precious stones started as a little girl growing up in South Asia, in a family known for their women’s extensive collection of precious gems and jewellery.  At the age little girls played with dolls and tea cups, Irrum played with her grandmother’s Burmese rubies and mother’s pearl hairpins.


Irrum received her BA in Fashion Design and Business from Los Angeles, California.  After getting married to a United States diplomat, she moved to Washington D.C.


Travelling with her husband, she fell in love with the beauty and rich vibrant colors of the gems from all around the world.  She started collecting and sourcing pearls and precious stones wherever she went and incorporated them into her private collection.  The exclusive jewellery she wore generated significant curiosity and interest.  The requests from her friends to design similar jewellery for them ultimately gave birth to the idea...