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2022 Holiday ArtFest banner.jpg

2022 Annual Holiday Art Fest


name of exhibit - "Holidays Through the Year". An all member display of hanging and 3D art.

where - Great Falls Public Library meeting room and foyer display cases

when - installed on November 9th 2022 and scheduled to come down on January 5th 2023

why - to include any holiday that happens at any time during the year rather than focus only on Christmas.

who - 14 members of GFS (Roberta Beasley, Sandy Buffie, Dorry Emmer, Cindy Grisdela, Linda Jones, Joyce Lee, Dee Leggett, Theresa Miller, Vad Moskowitz, Mehrnaz Moussavi, Laura Nichols, Chris Rollins, Jennifer Griffith, and Robin Smith).

what else? - each item is tagged with all the details of the art plus the holiday it represents.

holidays represented: New Years Day, Valentines, Chinese new Year, Lunar New Year, Easter, Earth Day, Cinco de Mayo, Summer Solstice, July 4th, Canada Day, Autumnal Equinox, Halloween and Christmas.

Here are a few samples of the treasures you will enjoy in this exhibit.

Great Falls Public Library Art Exhibit

by Robin Smith

RedHot Peppers by Robin Smith for Cinco de Mayo

by Jennifer Griffith

by Jennifer Griffith for Easter

by Theresa Miller

Poinsettia by Theresa Miller for Christmas

by Joyce Lee

Happily Ever After by Joyce Lee for the Lunar New Year

by Vad Moskowitz

Ostentatious Ornament by Vad Moskowitz for Christmas

by Linda Jones

New Year Celebration by Linda Jones for New Years Day

by Dorry Emmer

Here Comes Santa Claus by Dorry Emmer for Christmas

by Laura Nichols

2022 the Year of the Roster by Laura Nichols

by Roberta Pruett Beasley

Flowers and Valentines by Roberta Pruett Beasley for Valentine's Day

Exhibit Placard - Art From the Rose Beds promo.jpg

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