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Eleanor Anderson



I am fascinated by the shapes and sizes of pieces a truly skilled potter is able to create on the wheel. That's Laura, owner of Pigpen Pottery and a superb teacher as well. As a potter myself, the range of my thrown pieces
is limited, and I will always be trying to accomplish more. I enjoy the feel of the wet clay I am molding as the wheel turns and am delighted when a good shape emerges, because often I have to start again. The bowls, vases, mugs and pitchers I have made serve as canvases for paintings inspired by the creatures --butterflies, birds, frogs -- and the flowers they visit in my garden.

Pigpen Pottery Studio is a wonderful place to work on the wheel and offers a variety of "molds" to create interesting flatware as well. From there I bring the pieces to my home. This is where all the painting happens,
on a small table in the living room. I use a variety of velvet underglazes, sometimes painting on bisqued pieces and other times on pieces I have dipped in glaze at a Pigpen Pottery, before bringing them home to paint. Then back to the studio for a final firing. Needless to say it takes a while for a piece to reach completion. And it is often a surprise for me to see what that final piece looks like -- a "Wow!" or a "Oh Well". Never a dull moment and always a challenge.


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