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Dorry Emmer



Color and/or the story behind the artwork are the core component of everything created by Colvinkiwi Studio. Dorry has been a creator for most of her life. Having spent her childhood on the family sheep farm in New Zealand, animals and nature continue to attract her attention. As an adult living in England, Colombia and Australia and now settled in Great Falls, her travels bring an international flair to her work. In 2009 when she joined GFS she was working with fabrics in the quilt making arena. Detailed piecework in a mostly traditional style with a restricted color palette has been Dorry’s preferred style for decades. While she still creates that way she has also moved into improvisational work. Color and story always provide the impetus. Dorry got her first dslr camera in 2014. Since then she delights in roaming with her Canon companion to capture what attracts her eye both far and near – mostly very local outdoor environs including her own flower garden during these pandemic years! Flora, fauna, fabric and the stories they tell along with a side order of whimsy are what you will find at her studio.


Garden tour each day at 2pm weather permitting. Stories will be available all day long no matter what the weather has to say.

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