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Dorry Emmer

Fiber Artist

Dorry is a photographer and fiber artist who strives to be a story teller.


As a photographer, she uses only natural light as she endeavors to capture a moment that she wants to tell you a story about. As a fiber artist, she works with cotton, linen and silk fabrics along with a variety of threads and doodads to create a piece that asks the viewer to discover the back-story and maybe a short history lesson too.  In both media, color is where she begins.


People say she is extremely creative, not likely to take herself too seriously and is willing to apply a heavy dose of humor to carry the day.


Dorry and her Canon camera wander at whim from her home studio to her flower garden, around Great Falls or on the road be it in Virginia or an out of state roadtrip. When she is really lucky she heads off on a global adventure (which invariably is to the land of her birth, New Zealand). At large stalking flora, fauna, sheep, architecture and the occasional oddball topic, she aims to seek something to spark the curiosity of the viewer.  


Working with cotton fabrics since the early 1980’s and a dslr camera since the early 2000’s she is eager to share her stories with you.

May at Monticello.jpg

May at Monticello

Be It Ever So Humble.jpg

Be It Ever So Humble

Over the Back Fence.jpg

Over the Back Fence

Sunrise Over the Kaikouras.jpg

Sunrise Over the Kaikouras

St Michaels Mooring.jpg

St Michaels Mooring

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