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Don Fowler


Don has been fascinated by cameras and both moving and static visual subjects since childhood. He likes to take pictures wherever he finds them in nature and of pets, photo-journalistic and experimental subjects. 


He began his photographic work in high school using sheet film, roll and 35mm film SLR cameras and made pictures for his local newspaper.  Now Don continues to learn and experiment with digital photography. 


He learned the chemical development processes from his father (in what was once a coal bin). Don plans to continue showing color and black and white prints, some from negatives and slides made during his earlier life. He now works on his desktop “darkroom” where he processes his recent work and incorporates new knowledge gleaned from interacting with the top level photographers and artists in Great Falls Studios.


His work has been included in Great Falls Studios group shows in the Great Falls Library, the Old Brogue, Seneca Hills, the Fairfax County Government Center, and the Great Falls Studio Tours of 2007 and 2008. 


Don received Honorable Mention for the gelatin silver print “Night Traffic” in the 2006 Vienna Arts Society Abstract Images show.


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