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David Cowdrill


     I create work in ceramics because I love beautiful form.  Forms of nature and of human creation have always attracted and inspired me.  In nature I am enthused with crystals and seashells and antlers and trees and mountain ridges.  I am in awe of  cave drawings and tea pots and ewers as well as sculptures of both the human form and of abstract conceptions.  I aspire to create objects of lasting, enduring beauty and, for functional items, which accomplish well their useful intent.  To this end I strive to make work with strong form, good proportions, simple yet complex.

     I work in stoneware and porcelain clay, mostly thrown on the potter's wheel, often altered from the symmetric;  I also hand-build with slabs of clay.  The surface of my work is often textured in support of the form and its glaze.  My work is high-fired in a propane kiln, using reduction to achieve the earthy influence of glaze combining with the clay.  Ideas for forms come into my mind uncalled, often when I am on the edge of sleep or perhaps floating in my imagination, daydreaming.  As well I am inspired by other works, sometimes ceramics, but often by domestic design of lamps, textiles, and other decorative objects.  I sketch ideas, often putting them aside, coming back to later and making real. 

     I want others to see lasting beauty in my pieces.  Not today's fad or face or reference or color, but a work that the viewer as well as the viewer's grandchild will find worth owning, displaying.  I hope for the viewer to see and feel a work of handsome, long-lasting beauty.

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