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Cindi Berry


My painting style leans toward realism with elements of Impressionism.  I am always thrilled when I can create a convincing illusion of a three-dimensional scene or subject with the artist’s two-dimensional tools.  My landscapes feature the interplay of color and light.  Dramatic skies, mountains, and the sea are favorite subjects.  Floral still lifes are another joyful pursuit.  My portraits of humans and animals alike seek to capture both the outer likeness and inner being.  The eyes are indeed windows to the soul.  


My work hangs in businesses and in private homes.  It also can be found on the streets of Washington, D.C…I have had the honor of being selected to participate in several D.C. Commission on the Arts and Humanities public arts projects, including “Pandamonium,” “Party Animals,” and the “Art on Call” (call box) project.

My studio is in The Artists' Loft at 766 Walker Road.

Rye Field (after Ivan Shishkin).jpg

“Rye Field” (after Ivan Shishkin)

Oil on linen board


“Pride” (South Africa).

Oil on linen board

Wallis (2).jpg


Oil on linen board

Here's Lookin' At You, Kid.jpg

“Here’s Lookin’ at You, Kid”

Oil on linen board

Lakeside Sunset.jpg

“Lakeside Sunset”

Oil on linen board

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