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Begoña Morton


Begoña Morton is a native of Barcelona, Spain, having spent much of her childhood years in England and Portugal as well.  She began her education as a classically-trained artist in fine arts in Valencia, taking inspiration in particular from the Spanish painters Sorolla and Velazquez.  From there she went on to study business, graduating with her masters degree in international trade economics and later settling in Brussels where she represented Spanish industry and regional government.  

Her eclectic painting style incorporates her love for family, food, and travel, and she enjoys the challenge of working alla prima to create her Daily Painting series.  Relocating to the United States from Belgium in 2009, she now lives in the picturesque surroundings of Virginia where she dedicates herself full time to painting.


Oil on Panel

11"w x 14"h

"The Great Falls, Overlook 3"

Oil on Canvas

3'h x 4'w

"Asparagus with Grapes"

Oil on Linen Panel

11"h x 14"w

"Pomegranates on Plate"

Oil on Linen Panel

20"h x 24"w

"North Yorkshire Countryside"

Oil on Linen Panel

9"h x 12"w

"Goldsborough, Yorkshire, After the Rain"

Oil on Linen Panel

9"h x 12"w

"Cherries, Butterfly and Limoges"

Oil on Linen Panel

12"h x 16"w

"Old World Lemons and Figs"

Oil on Linen Panel

16"w x 20"h

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