Kay Walsh
True Blue
Acrylic/Mixed Media
tour stop 10
Will Tuthill
Fantastic Flight
Moku Hanga (Japanese Woodblock)
tour stop 5
Robin Smith
Platter in Blue
tour stop 8
Adam Sloper
Acrylic on Canvas
tour stop 6
Robin Rosner
Riverbend Park, Great Falls, VA
Oil (paint)
tour stop 14
Donna Robinson
tour stop 14
Gail Péan
Harvest Moon
Oil on canvas
tour stop 3
Ann Noel
Laura Nichols
tour stop 7
Pat Neuman
Charleston Alley
17 1/2" x 11 1/2"
tour stop 3
Vad Moskowitz
Fiber Arts
tour stop 2
Mary Ellen Mogee
Sweet Begonia
Mixed media
tour stop 11
Michela Mansuino
“The Golden Age Of Capitalism That We Live In”
oil on linen
26 X 36 inches
tour stop 14
Dee Leggett
Hungarian Parliament with Reflection - Budapest
Digital Photography
tour stop 22
Joyce Lee
oil on canvas
tour stop 16
Walt Lawrence
Bald Eagles in Formation at Riverbend Park
Photograph printed on canvas
tour stop 12
Padma Jen Koch
Acrylic on Gallery Canvas
tour stop 6
GuruSangat Khalsa
Quixotic Exotica
Mixed Media on Board
tour stop 23
Robin S. Kent
Kirkjufellfoss Waterfall, Iceland
tour stop 21
Linda Jones
Aspen Gold
tour stop 25
Cindy Grisdela
Fiber on Canvas
16" x 20"
Robert Gilbert
Douglas Falls, WV
oil plein air
tour stop 20
Betty Ganley
Moored Among The Pilings
tour stop 9
Dorry Emmer
May at Monticello
tour stop 1
Elaine Elinsky
Aqua Horizon
Acrylic on Canvas
tour stop 12
Jennifer Duncan
Magnolia Dreams
Watercolor, graphite, wax and oil on Paper
tour stop 12
James Diedrich
Manhattan at Sunset
tour stop 3
Penny Ross Burk
Children’s Books
Watercolor and ink
tour stop #22
Cindi Berry
Oil on canvas board
tour stop 14
Roberta Pruett Beasley
Wonderland Poppies
Mixed Media
tour stop 12
Jill Banks
Parade Day II
Oil on linen
tour stop 12
Parinaz Ziai Bahadori
Shokr (gratitude)
Acrylic on Canvas
9" x 9"
tour stop 17
Eleanor Anderson
Garden Visitor
tour stop 3
2017 Studio Tour
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Welcome to the Great Falls Studios Virtual Gallery.
This month we feature the Great Falls Studios artists participating in the 2017 Studio Tour.
We hope you stop in often and enjoy the diverse talents of the artists of Great Falls Studios.

The art featured in the Virtual Gallery is for sale.  Contact the artist through the ARTIST PAGE of the Great Falls Studios website for details about the artwork featured in the Virtual Gallery and discover additional works of art.

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