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The artists featured in the October Virtual Gallery are participating in the Great Falls Studios 2015 Studio Tour.  Come and meet the artists and see their studios were they make beautiful art.  Click HERE for more information about this 12th Annual Studio Tour.

#5 Will Tuthill Printmaking
Toad's Friend
Japanese Woodblock
#4 Richard Suib Photography
#15 Judith St. Ledger-Roty
#15 Dean Souleles Photography
Miles Point Tractor
Fine art print on aluminum
Sun Design Show House
Alicia Sommers Painting
Camogli Harbor - Acrylic on Canvas
#8 Beverley Good Sloper
"Hanging The Moon"
Mixed Media on canvas
#7 Bob Schroeder
#14 Chris Rollins
"Fall Pattern"
#11 Jay Pigeon
Oil Painting
#15 Gail Pean Painting
"Lavender Fields"
Oil on Canvas
Headquarters - Terri Parent
Digital Photograph
#25 Vandana Pamecha
Mixed Media
#9 Laura Nichols Pottery
#10 Heidi Mraz
Mixed Media
#7 Dee Leggett
Agate and Tiger Eye Necklace
#14 Walt Lawrence Photography
"A Burst of Autumn"
Photograph on Canvas
#21 GuruSangat Khalsa
"Four Corners"
Oil on Canvas
#22 Robin Kent
#26 Linda Jones Painting
"Muted Morning"
#14 Carol Howard Painting
"Apple Bag"
Oil on Linen
#14 Cindy Gridsdela Fiber Art
"Summer Horizon"
Fiber on Canvas
#15 Layla Gray
#11 Lori Goll Painting
"Cock Fight"
#24 Bob Gilbert
#19 Barbara Gatterdam
#6 Betty Ganley Painting
"The Lobster Shack"
#2 Jo Fleming Mixed Media
"Rain Lily"
Acrylic Mixed Media
#26 Dorry Emmer Fiber Art
"Uluru; Star of the Outback"
#14 Elaine Elinsky Painting
"Expressions I"
Acrylic on Canvas
#20 Jennifer Duncan Painting
"Botanical I"
Acrylic on Paper
#7 James Diedrich Photography
#15 Coty Dickson Painting
"The Gazebo on the Green"
#7 Lorrie Bouhaouala Painting
"Pink Stripe"
#14 Roberta Beasley Painting
"Red Trees with Snow"
Acrylic on Canvas
#12 Donna Barnako Jewelry, Mixed Med
"Never Forget"
Acrylic Mixed Media Collage
#14 Jill Banks Painting
"Spanish Dancer"
#13 The Arts of Great Falls
#15 Leslie Anthony Painting
"Fancy Fowl"
#17 Jorge Adeler Jewelry
18kt White Gold, Raw Aquamarine and Diamonds
#12 Ronni Jolles Mixed Media
"Out My Window"
Layered paper and acrylics
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The art fearured in the Virtual Gallery is for sale.  Contact the artist through the ARTIST PAGE of the Great Falls Studios website for details about the artwork featured in the Virtual Gallery and discover additional works of art.


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