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Walt Lawrence


After four years in the Navy and working overseas in Morocco, France and Germany I moved to Great Falls in 1977. When I retired, I began to develop a collection of photographic images that depicts the natural beauty and charm that surrounds our daily lives. Because I had lived so long in Great Falls I wanted to save as much of what was left with my camera before it all fell to the blade of the bulldozers. In 2004, I joined Great Falls Studios, our community art group, and started to display my work and attend local art shows. Over the years the community has supported my efforts which has allowed me to keep adding to my collection and maintaining my studio presence at the Artists’ Atelier. My work has naturally taken me to Great Falls and Riverbend Parks and to several other locations to include some by invitation to private property. About eight years ago I started to photograph on the Potomac River where I would hire a boat and a guide at Riverbend Park. This opened an entirely new perspective for me as I was able to collect waterscape and wildlife images, especially birds, right at water level.


I will be at my studio each of three days answering questions and talking about my work, nothing formal.

Artists' Atelier
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