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Jennifer Griffith

Fiber Art, Mixed Media

I've been saying "I want to be an artist when I grow up" ever since elementary school. At this point in my life, I've come to realize that being an artist is about the process and the journey, and not necessarily the destination! My journey has taken me from archaeology digs to a regional history museum, which then led me to exhibit fabrication and design, and now currently social media and marketing. In my own art, I have a new-found love of plein air painting (which is surprising to no-one who knows my love of flowers, birds, gardens, woods, and nature in all its forms). In my studio I primarily work in fiber collage and mixed media/acrylic painting, but I also make psyanky, mosaic, crochet, quilt, and take advantage of other creative moments of whimsy. You never know what you'll find me up to next! Come be inspired by the colors and shapes all around you – Collage materials and paints will be available for making a collaborative mixed-media creation.


mixed media collage activity available all day, psanky demonstration periodically/upon request

Griffith Art Studio
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