Suzanne Twyford


Trained as an art historian, I have studied with master painters and pastellists locally, in other parts of this country, and in Europe. Much of my inspiration comes from classical art and from music.  I like the way the two disciplines relate and share harmonies, rhythms, tones and textures.  

While previously known for my oil and pastel hunt scenes, I have lately concentrated more and more on the figure and still life. My goal is to blend my love of renaissance painting with a more contemporary palette and approach. Combining various media is an interesting challenge and also allows me a certain opportunity for whimsy.  What continues to engage me is the exploration of beauty and the search for more magical and poetic alternatives to reality. 

I also provide individual tutoring and critiquing in most media.  For details, contact me by email.

Portrait of a Master


Four Dogs and a Woman


Playa del Carmen