Virtual Studio Tour 2020

Connecting Art & Community



When faced with one more potential cancellation for an event that
has been a highlight in the Great Falls/Washington DC area calendar, the
Annual Great Falls Art Studio Tour, we just said no. Artists need people
and people need art. Okay, maybe not need … but art - creating, seeing,
owning, gifting - is uplifting and boy would we all benefit from more of
that right now.

Watch demos. Get inspired. Learn. Sign up
for classes. Find out where to see more.

Shop for art. Connect community.

Things are a little different this year. Instead of the self-guided physical tour visits throughout Great Falls VA, guests can venture into artists’ creative spaces without climbing into their cars. Starting on November 14 at 10am - the “doors” open to video tours from 24 artists and the Arts of Great Falls School, more art from the rest of the 37 artists participating plus a shop of hundreds of pieces of original art - created by your neighbors. And did we mention the tour part of this is free?

Who knew all that it
took to make one of these
gorgeous hand-woven
special occasion bags by
Vad Moskowitz? You will,
after watching the video of
her setting up the loom by
her grandson. It’s what you
wouldn’t have been able to
witness on the physical tour
but can on our virtual one.

The mainly homegrown videos are a labor of
love with artists well outside of their comfort zone
filling the shoes of producers with the help of
spouses, grandkids, kids, volunteers and friends.
They condense hours and sometimes months into
this view into a quieter, gentler, simpler and
awesome world. The lengths and content vary wildly… as do the individuals who made them.


Two Main Ways to Tour


On and after November 14, head to the Video Tour and Artists pages to browse the art, learn more

about the artists, link to

websites and to carry

on the conversation.  

Not all of the artists who have pages are on the video tour. That’s a good reason to look in both spots.

Individual Artist’s Pages

give a close-up view

of art and artist

VST Video Map4.jpg

Take the Video Tour to stroll through our creative spaces … and journey with us.

Where and When

Enjoy almost every bit
of the tour from the comfort
of your own home, wherever
that is with it arriving via
your computer from

There may be a handful of other
live events in the community of
Great Falls VA over the
November 14 & 15 weekend -
paintout or pop-ups and interactive
virtual events between November 14-30. For those interested in purchasing and picking up art, on at least one day we will be set up for you to do so.

November 14 & 15 is the main
weekend - opening at 10am on
Saturday. You can shop for art
and easily connect with the artists and replay most content through November 30.



Although the tour is virtual and you can
  pull up your comfiest chair at home to view, it
     transports you into a world in slower                 motion, simpler and back to basics.

         Laura Nichols’ view into her life as a                 potter is one of three artist videos that                include the sights and sounds
                of chickens and the farm.


“When I viewed what you will see on November 14, it made me laugh, inspired and taught me something, and gave me a new (renewed) appreciation for work made by patient, determined hands. I’d love to know YOUR impressions. Please help us spread the word.”
-Jill Banks, Virtual Studio Tour Chair


Love what you see?
There are 20+ individual artist studio
shops to browse or purchase 100s
of pieces of original art online from
your neighbors. Available thru one
cart, one click of the button Shop.
We’ve been busy.

Shop for Art

Something most people who cherish

and purchase work from

individual artists and artisans

realize is that it’s more of a hunt

than a gather. It takes work, even

if the work is a joy. Add a

pandemic and most of your

opportunities to look and purchase

these treasures have been put on

serious hold.

As much as possible, we’re

presenting a way to shop for art

and gifts that’s convenient and still

direct from the artist. Hundreds of

pieces including paintings, pottery,

pillows, scarves, furniture, mixed

media pieces, photography,

jewelry and more will be available

for online purchase from the press

of the button to Shop from our tour

site from November 14-30 with the ability to fill your cart with work from multiple artists. If you love an artist’s work but don’t see what you want in his/her store - send an email, visit the artist’s website and/or arrange to meet. Almost all of us are happy to do so - in person, by phone, or online. We left some of the hunt in the hunt but sure want to help.


There are quite a few artists in the group who aren’t making the
leap to online sales who have beautiful work and perhaps the perfect
gifts for yourself and others. You haven’t hit
a dead end. Love the work?
There’s a way to see more -
through those videos, artist’s
pages and contacting him or
her directly.


Selecting major pieces of art

benefits from a conversation
and usually seeing it in person.
We are creative folks glad to
make that happen in a safe,
comfortable way. Let us help
brighten up 2020 for you.

Walt Lawrence talks about finding his
home in Great Falls after moving all around the world … and how his journey as a photographer began. He’s one of the artists you’ll have to reach out to offline to purchase.

A Plea - We Need You

First, we don’t know how to

deliver, virtually, just what

your souls need but we’re trying.

In order not to be run out of town by the artists of Great Falls Studios who spent countless hours/days/weeks thinking about and building their stories and setting up shops and the VERY hard-working webmaster, Mike McDermott, who graciously pulled it together, I (Jill Banks, Grand Poohbah of this Virtual Studio Tour edition) would SO appreciate your spreading the word for it to be seen. When I viewed what you will see on November 14, it made me laugh, inspired and taught me something, and gave me a new (renewed) appreciation for work made by patient, determined hands. I’d love to know YOUR impressions.


A video of Youth Art will go live on November 14 with a call for art
for youngsters from Great Falls and our neighbors in the Washington DC
area to enter by November 5. Contact
jill@JillBanks.com for more info.


Arts of Great Falls School offers
classes, workshops and camps -
online and in person throughout the
year to help you find your inner artist.

Arts of Great Falls - Community
Partner. The Arts of Great Falls
has built a center for the arts in
and emanating from the Village
Centre - providing affordable
studio space at the Artists’
Atelier and Loft, a gallery with
revolving exhibits and a school
with top-calibre art faculty
offering a broad range of youth
and adult classes, workshops
and class taught in person and
online. If the tour inspires you to
explore your creative side, the
Arts of Great Falls School can
help guide your way.


Since 2003, visitors have roamed the winding roads of Great Falls
VA on a self-guided tour to the studios of artists who have opened the
doors to their process, inspiration, working space and art. The Tour, like
the organization that hosts it, Great Falls Studios - welcomes anyone who
considers themselves an artist who lives/works in Great Falls and
becomes a member. So this will be the 18th annual gathering that we
hope will garner some of the hundreds of visitors who have enjoyed this
happy, inspirational event in the past.

For more information or suggestions on how we can build a better
tour (or you can help), please contact