Penny Ross Burk

Watercolor and Photography





        I went to college and studied fine arts.  Then I went to college again and studied psychology.  As much as I wanted to have a real career I couldn’t escape the tsunami pull to create.  I joined a photographer and magically got involved in the film and television industries.  At first it was doing props and art direction. I learned makeup for film but not just the pretty corrective stuff.  I learned to do characters, bruises, scars and all the fun stuff.  That kind of makeup needs a drawing background and amazingly I fit in!  I am still doing makeup but now it’s steady, predictable work enabling me to focus on my own artwork.

       Imagination for me comes when I least expect it and yet somehow it comes continually.  Not sure how that works. However, it comes with force and in different waves.  Each wave is a different medium or a combination of mediums. One week it’s wood carving, the next it’s playing with fimo, mud or writing.  I love to write funny.  I never really thought of myself as an illustrator but when grandchildren came into my life all of a sudden I wanted all my stories to have images.  So now, much to my surprise, I’m a children’s book writer and illustrator. 

       Photography takes on a more somber tone.  I see things that need to be examined.  It’s close up, personal and thought provoking and usually things most pass by without a second glance.

I put a lot of my work in these three places. 

Instagram: Penzro