Mary Ellen Mogee


I am a contemporary abstract painter, working in acrylic and mixed media.  My paintings are characterized by bright, saturated color, energy and movement.  Often, simple geometric forms such as circles, squares, and triangles appear.


My inspiration comes from external sources such as the beauty of nature and internal sources such as dreams and imagination.  My art is part of my life’s journey of self-discovery and expression.  My goal is to continually search for a unique and authentic personal expression.


My current series, titled “Push,” started in preparation for the 2012 "Color: Bold and Vibrant" exhibition at ArtSpace Herndon in Herndon, VA, for which I pushed myself to improve and go beyond what I had previously accomplished in my painting.   The paintings in this series differ from previous work in that they have soft edges as well as hard edges, increasing expressiveness.  I also use rollers and trowels, in addition to brushes, to apply paint. I am also working in layers of opaque and transparent paint, so parts of the underpainting can be seen.  Glazing with thin layers of paint permits the light and colors in the deeper levels of the painting to glow through the upper levels, somewhat like stained glass.  My paintings bring light and color and energy into the world.  I hope they brighten and lift people’s spirits and help them see the world in a new light.

Push Hard

Push Harder

The Fires Below