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by Alicia Sommers
Last Rose
24” x 36”
The words “Last Rose” in this collage are a remembrance for me of my first Harp teacher when I was 5 years old, my Grandfather. The collage is built around an actual piece of my grandfather’s “Red Rose” harp music that I once learned to play.
by Susan Silliman
Float like a Butterfly
Acrylic and Paper
14 x 14
May 2017
by  Gail Péan
Skyline Drive: Beyond Words
Oil on Canvas
20" x 30"
Sundown on Skyline Drive in Shenandoah National Park can only be described with a painting.
by Gail Péan
Instrumental Ensemble: The Beatles
Oil on Canvas
40"x 60"
There is no need for words with the Beatles instrumental music.
by Gail Péan
London Bridge Illuminated
IPhone photography
12" x 16"
Upon arrival in London, the other city of Lights, London Bridge mesmerized me with its reflections on Thames.
by Terri Parent
Allium and Poppy, Last Breath Series
Digital Photography
11 x 14
by Terri Parent
Floral Still Life, Poppy
Digital Photography
12 x 12
by Laura Nichols
Obvara Raku #3
Earthenware clay
Spring 2017
This process is so beyond words you have to go to my website to see videos about it! Pigpenpottery.com
by John Francis McCabe
Milford Harbor
Oil on Canvas
by Linda Jones
Golden Wedding
Original hand made fiber art card
5" x 7"
by GuruSangat Khalsa
“Head Trip”
Mixed Media on Paper
by GuruSangat Khalsa
“Above And Below”
Oil on Canvas
by GuruSangat Khalsa
Oil on Canvas
by GuruSangat Khalsa
“Beach Scene”
Mixed Media on Paper
by GuruSangat Khalsa
Oil on Canvas
by James Diedrich
Sunrise Pause
by Coty Dickson
The Fox
Oil on Canvas
16" x 20"
I loved the way the fox stayed sitting in one position so alert and attentive waiting for its prey. The wonder of nature is so amazing that it seems to be beyond words!
by Penny Ross Burk
mixed media
by Cindi Berry
"Where the Trees Meet the Sky"
Oil on canvas
Words are insufficient to capture the spirituality of a silent walk in the forest.
by Roberta Pruett Beasley
Last Night in Albuquerque
Mixed Media
by Leslie Anthony
Waltz of the Flowers
16 X 20
by Michael McDermott
Alternative Time Zone
by Michael McDermott
Still Shines
By Michael McDermott
Faded Glory I
by Michael McDermott
Faded Glory 2
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The art fearured in the Virtual Gallery is for sale.  Contact the artist through the ARTIST PAGE of the Great Falls Studios website for details about the artwork featured in the Virtual Gallery and discover additional works of art.

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